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yoga chakras mind body and spirit balance

Do you want to learn about Yoga? Learn more about yoga styles and therapy along with its history, origins and practice. Find out how Yoga can aid many common ailments.

What's New?

Access the new Aromatherapy Guide which contains important information about essential oils. This new guide refers to essential oils and their benefits.

Your Health and Wellness

Alternative medicine vegetarian diet and nutrition natural cures holistic remedies

How to promote your health and wellness using Alternative medicine, vegetarian lifestyle and natural cures? To find the therapies which are most effective by ailment and more, access the right therapy center.  

Starting Point

Are you new to Alternative Medicine? Do you want a good introduction to alternative modalities and spiritual healing? Start here.  

The Store

Shop for natural products, organic cotton clothing, ayurveda beauty products to aromatherapy oils to  yoga homeopathy remedies

alternative medicine yoga Bath and beauty
alternative medicine yoga Meditation supplies
alternative medicine yoga Natural apparel
yoga ayurveda Videos, books and music
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quote from yoga ayurveda texts
If a person comes as a friend, the person should not be rejected.

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